Ritchot CDC
Logo Design

Ritchot Community Development Corporation

February 25, 2017

Creative Brief


The Ritchot CDC requires a brand identity, starting with the creation of a logo as the foundation. The primary goal is to create a graphic identity that promotes brand awareness and recognition for its efforts. The new identity should reflect the economic, social and cultural involvement the Ritchot CDC promotes through its regional projects. The Ritchot CDC is closely associated with many community groups in the region. The new identity will help differentiate the Ritchot CDC from its counterparts and avoid brand confusion.


Closely associated with the RM of Ritchot, the Ritchot CDC operates within municipal boundaries. The towns of St. Adolphe, Ste. Agathe and Île-des-Chênes are three of the more prominent communities in the area which is also inclusive of Grande Pointe and Glenlea. The Ritchot CDC is comprised of a volunteer board and is actively engaged in projects such as Main Street Revitalization, Business Support, and a River Dock Program. With most of its communities within a 30-minute drive from the city, residents are able to appreciate the quiet country lifestyle while commuting to work everyday in the nearby city.

Target Audience

The area is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Manitoba from 2011 to 2016. As a result of its proximity to Winnipeg, the area is a popular place for families to live. Business development is also key to the growth of the region. The new logo should reflect a progressive appearance that appeals to residents, entrepreneurs and developers.

Current Perception

On a positive side, the Ritchot CDC has done a terrific job of supporting the community through it’s projects. Residents and businesses are well aware of the impact created through the Ritchot CDC’s efforts. On the negative side, residents and businesses may not be aware that the projects were driven from the actions of the Ritchot CDC.

Creative Direction

The Ritchot CDC is closely associated with the RM of Ritchot and operates within its boundaries. It would be advantageous to create a logo that has similar graphic cues to promote cobranding. Utilization of the same colours and styling will promote a feeling of partnership from the audience. The new logo must be perceived as unique and carry a progressive and modern feel. The initial creative direction will incorporate graphic elements that reflect ‘people’ and ‘community’. The utilization of ‘people’ can be viewed uniquely by the viewing audience as ‘community volunteers’, ‘an elected board’, or a ‘business workforce’.


The first phase of this project and focus of this brief is to create a logo and brand identity through rough concepts. Once the logo has been approved, the second phase will include refinement of the logo and development of brand collateral. The project is inclusive of 15 hours creative time and a small budget for print collateral.


1. February 27, 2017: Creative brief and first round of rough logos. Two logos provided with the 3 mockups provided for each.
2. March 3, 2017: Client Feedback.
3. March 10, 2017: Refinement of logo and final presentation.
4. March 12, 2017: Client Feedback
5. March 15, 2017: Project completion; delivery of graphic logo files, promotional sign artwork, and post card.

Rough Logo Reveal: 2 Options

Option A
Option B


The re-shaped characters ‘CDC’ have been transformed into a graphic that resembles three people. The lines and curves of the shape flow together signifying unity. The green, blue and brown colours are recreated from the RM of Ritchot’s logo.


The diamond shape logo encompasses a group of people that resemble a community. The repetitive graphic is symbolic of commonality and harmony. The brown and yellow colours are recreated from the RM of Ritchot’s logo. The colour red is associated with leadership.